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April 2021: Playing Spoons

For our April meeting we were joined by Jo May from Jo May percussion to learn how to play spoons!

It was a much noisier session than usual with a lot of concerned cats and dogs! But we had so much fun.

To start Jo talked us through lots of different spoons and demonstrated what sounds and rhythms could be made from each spoon. Her tips for finding a good spoon to be played is getting a spoon with a deep bowl and a comfy handle.

Then we all had a go at playing. She talked us through ‘the hold’, how to get different sounds and showed us a few basic beats. Then we got more complicated and she showed us some more challenging beats before we put lots of different techniques together.

We finished the evening off with a group rendition of ‘what will you do with the drunken sailor’ which sounded beautiful….

We may wake up covered in blisters and bruises tomorrow but it was a fabulous evening. Thank you Jo!!!

If you missed the session but want to have a go then you can take a look at a series of ‘how to’ videos that Jo has produced here.

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1 Comment

Sam Pugmire
Sam Pugmire
Jan 04, 2022

Easily my fave 2021 meeting!

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