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August 2022: Fused Glass

For our August meeting we were joined by Rachel Jones from Killinghall Glass Studio.

Rachel began by telling us her story of how she came to be the proud owner of Killinghall Glass Studio. She began her crafting journey by creating pottery pieces, a skill she described as ‘not one of her talents’. Then after a demonstration of pottery-glass fusion she started exploring what glass could do and was hooked.

She got herself a mini kiln to start off and since then has worked her way through the sizes and now has a 1.5m x 1m kiln! Which she thinks is big enough… for now. She explained the differences between window glass and the specialist hand-rolled bullseye glass she buys from Oregon.

The pieces she creates are just beautiful! She brought some examples along to the evening and we just loved the cards, the tealights and especially the amazing fairy scenes.

We then got on to the really exciting part where we had a go at making a sun catcher. We were each provided with a kit that contained a square piece of class to work from, 7 different colours of glass, a paint brush, glue, instructions and a cocktail stick. The cocktail stick was absolutely vital for assisting with the fiddly bits.

We got stuck in and a ‘crafty quiet’ spread across the hall. There was a lot of concentrating to get the tiny pieces of glass in our chosen place. You can see some of our results in the pictures below.

This wonderful evening was topped off with Shirley’s meringue and ice lollies (thanks Sam!), what more could you ask for from an evening!

A big thanks to Rachel and our wonderful members for making it a night to remember.

Additional notices and announcements from the meeting can be found below the pictures.

  • The committee are busy planning the 2023 programme for Spa Sweethearts and would love any ideas you have for interesting speakers/activities/adventures! If you have something in mind then please get in touch.

  • Congratulations to Sarah Clifton for winning the July photography competition.

  • Congratulations to Felicity Jennings for becoming a tutor for Denman College.

  • The Federation annual quiz is taking place on Thursday 15th September and Thursday 6th October, please get in touch if you’d like to take part.

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1 Comment

Sam Pugmire
Sam Pugmire
Aug 15, 2022

I can't wait to see how the sun catchers turn out (and if there is any sun left by then!)

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