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December 2014: Christmas party

We finished 2014 with a Christmas party: games, food, mulled wine and merriment!

With a good selection of Christmas jumpers and a soundtrack of festive hits, we began the night with a glass of mulled wine (and a non-alcoholic alternative for the drivers).

Our ice-breaker game was Heads and Tails: everyone had to choose to be a head (hands on heads) or a tail (hands on… tails), and committee member Sarah flipped a coin. If you were a tail and it landed on tails, you were out. The field was soon whittled down, and a bottle of wine was awarded to the lucky winner.


After enjoying the supper – all supplied by our members, who each brought something to share – we split into small teams for the quiz. Some of the questions were easy enough that most people could answer them, while others were trickier and caught a few of us out.

Having exercised our minds, it was time to do something physical, and we moved on to a Christmas wrapping game. In six teams, we wrapped up a Sweetheart as well as possible with paper and sticky tape. The results were certainly varied! The best moment was when the winning team’s ‘present’ (a very well-disguised committee member, Cat) hopped up and down for joy inside her wrapping.


Finally, we enjoyed some festive singing with a bit of a twist. Splitting into small groups again, we were all given one of the parts of the 12 Days of Christmas to perform with actions. Despite there being a very large number of birds involved, which could all have been represented with a simple flappy wing action, our members showed their creativity. Watch the full video here. It was a fantastic and memorable end to the night.


A very merry Christmas to all our members and guests, as well as everyone who has come to speak to us this year. We’re looking forward to a fantastic 2015 – the WI’s centenary year. Let’s make it our best yet!

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