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December 2016: Christmas Wreaths

This month saw the Sweethearts attempt a crafting activity to bring a personal touch of Christmas cheer to our homes. Spa Sweethearts very own crafting extraordinaire, Heather, provided us with an excellent demonstration and clear instructions to get us all started in creating a beautiful decorative wreath. Each member had already prepared strips of material in colours/patterns of their choice prior to the meeting, which were to be simply tied in sequence to a metallic florists ring, provided by the committee. It was amazing how quickly results could be seen, and how different, yet brilliant, all the wreaths looked. You could bespoke your design further by adding extra decorative features such as baubles, if desired. It was a therapeutic and relaxing activity to participate in, at what is such a busy time of year, and allowed for a good dose of socialising too! By the end of the meeting, everyone had a fantastic new addition to their Christmas decorations to take away and bring out year after year.

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