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December meeting-Pyrography

Updated: 2 days ago

Spa Sweethearts December Blog – Pyrography

For our final meeting of 2023 we had the lovely Lisa Shackleton to guide us on our quest to master

pyrography, the art and skill of wood burnt designs. She started by giving us comprehensive instructions

on how to control the heated nib, along side very strict safety rules to follow. There were a few different

designs to choose from, such as tree with Santa, book marks and spatulas. Thinking it would be as easy

as drawing on paper, not the case! It was actually very hard at first, but as your confidence grew you

learnt to use a light touch with slow steady strokes for a better result. The option to colour them in or

leave them just natural was next. By the end of the evening there was a beautiful array of decorations

produced. It was a great social fun filled evening which everyone enjoyed successfully crafting their

design and going home with a great sense of achievement. Felicity kindly set up a bonus craft table to

paint and dot Christmas tree ornaments using acrylic paints.

Refreshments of tea, coffee or juice were available, accompanied by apple cake homemade by Shirley.

Also oodles of snacks, mince pies and biscuits kindly provided by many members to be enjoyed.

In the New Year our 1st meeting of 2024 will be Gong bath, for a calm and relaxing experience. Come

along and join us for some sound healing meditation. We will also be holding a re-gifting raffle, so please bring your unwanted gifts to join in.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and blessed 2024 xx


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