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February 2017: Annual Meeting

It is a Spa Sweethearts tradition to hold our annual meeting in February.  This year we were joined by Anne Harrison of the North Yorkshire West Federation to celebrate another successful year.  The outgoing President, Lucy and Secretary, Amy gave us a round up of all the exciting activities the sweethearts have been involved in during the year.  The most well attended meeting was when Sandy from the bake off told us her story and highlights of the year included our 5th Birthday party and the recent inspirational talk by the Yorkshire Rows.  Our outgoing Treasurer, Rachael then kept us up to date with all matters financial.  We said goodbye to committee members Rachael, Cat, Rebecca and Rachel and our President, Lucy.  We thanked them all for their hard work in keeping Spa Sweethearts going.  Lucy was presented with some flowers and bubbly and the committee members have been invited to an afternoon tea to say thank you.

Anne then tasted all the entries in our Victoria Sponge Bake off. There was a great selection of cakes and Anne let us in on some secrets of how to win a WI baking competition. Gill’s 3 mini sponges were a popular winner using caster sugar to decorate with a raspberry jam filling (no buttercream!). There was also a prize for a cake beautifully decorated with silk flowers (see recipe).

After voting in Amy as our new president, the new committee was formed. We then celebrated with tea and cake. We all look forward to another fantastic year as Spa Sweethearts and wish Amy luck in her new role.

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