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February 2022: Annual Meeting

We had a great turn out for our February meeting which was the annual meeting followed by our subgroup showcase. It turned out to be a very eventful evening which involved the launch of our brand new website as well as welcoming our new president Sahra!

The evening started with the usual AM formalities. Sam presented the treasurers report for the year, followed by wonderful speeches (and a poem?!) from our secretary and president. If you weren’t able to attend you can view these speeches at the bottom of this post or by clicking the links below.

Treasurer’s report – Sam (available on request)

After the speeches it was time to vote in the new committee. The committee for this year is … drum roll please….

President – Sahra McCann

Secretary – Sarah Clifton

Treasurer – Sam Pugmire

Additional committee members; Rosie Curtis, Shirley Finfinger, Lindsay Hay, Colette Hewlett, Felicity Jennings, Lucy Turner and Dawn Walsh

We then launched our brand-new website that we have been busily working on for the last few months. We feel it represents our WI very well through its modern look, whilst also keeping the tradition of what makes us the Spa Sweethearts. It got a great response from our members and we look forwards to keeping you informed with all our shenanigans through our blogs. On our website you can also find the programme for 2022 which, even if we do say ourselves, is pretty spectacular.

After a break for tea and cake we finished the evening with a showcase of our wonderful subgroups. There was the opportunity to visit each subgroup ‘stand’ to find out more about them and to take part in an activity to have a taste of what goes on.

  • Craft – getting creative and supporting the green heart campaign

  • Board games – discussing some of the many board games you may play and of course eating lots of cheese

  • Social group – sharing ideas of what social events members would like to see in 2022, as well as reminiscing on some of the favourite social sessions of last year

  • Book group – taking part in a book ‘swish’ and hearing the (sometimes very strong) opinions of books we have read over the past year

It was a really lovely evening and has made us very excited to see what the rest of 2022 has in store for us!

President’s address – February 2022

Felicity Jennings

It is my job as President to look forward to the next fantastic year we have planned at Spa Sweethearts. As I am stepping down tonight though I would first like to say some thank yous. Mainly of course to the amazing committee for all their help and support over the last 3 years. Especially Sam as treasurer and Sahra as secretary but also a special mention to Lucy for all her work on the new website. I have learned so many things over the last 3 years but mostly what an amazing bunch the Spa Sweethearts are. I would also like to mention members Amy, for all her help with our new celebratory tablecloth, and Sarah Bailes and Lizzie Hughes who can always be relied upon for help and support.

We have lots to look forward to in the next year. You can view the full programme on the fabulous new website or the beautiful new bunting. Gardening, mosaics, emergencies…we are going to be ready for it all! I wish lots of luck to my successor and look forward to the next year with the Sweethearts.

Secretary’s Speech - February 2022

Sahra McCann

Good evening Sweet hearts! I’m So glad to see you all tonight. As you know as secretary, it is my job to share all the things we have been up to in the last year and I promise not to mention, you know what!

So I’ll take it from the start.

In March Jacki deplete Talked about Family history, that’s all in the past, digging up relatives using genealogy that is vast

April Jo May demonstrated Playing spoons from the cutlery draw, musical sounds and fingers sore

May it was Eyes down and two little ducks, tiaras, laughter and Sam on the decks, feelings of euphoria, and who gives a fudge!

June was buzzing, when we were joined by Hawk Honey, his real name, and learning all the different kinds of bees, environmental issues and what to prepare for when it’s sunny.

July, our first face to face meeting, as we picnicked on the stray, two metres apart our resourceful Sweethearts bringing their own seating.

August was Stuntman Sam Durrani who shared his love of Kung fu, taking us on a long lengthy journey through his career, and plenty of videos of a stunt or two.

September Beverley showed us belly dancing, originating from the East, wearing a beautiful Shamadam headdress and traditional outfits that gave our eyes a feast.

October 10th ‘Twas our birthday bash, we celebrated with cake and balloons, wonderful past and present bunting adorned the room.

November we went behind the scenes of tv quiz shows with Faith, our first hybrid meeting and a screen to make the smallest heads exaggerate!

December thanks to Lizzie and her choir we warmed the cockles of our hearts, singing in time, although a lot of the glow was down to the mulled wine.

January we tapped into the new year, some of us discovering our coordination was slightly out of gear.

And that brings me to now, and wow what a year it has been from the start. Here’s to another year of friendships with my lovely Sweethearts .

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Sam Pugmire
Sam Pugmire
Feb 14, 2022

I loved Sahra’s Poem, I think we could easily convert to a free style rap with a bit of beat boxing to add some rhythm! ♥️

Sahra Mccann
Sahra Mccann
Feb 16, 2022
Replying to

I’m game🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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