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February Meeting-AM 2024

Updated: 2 days ago

Unfortunately our Annual Meeting was on the one day that it decided to snow heavily!

So Yorkshire!

Thanks to all the voluntary Officers team, a zoom Annual Meeting Spectacular was ready to roll out within hours!

We heard speeches reflecting on the past events Spa Sweethearts have enjoyed and are looking forward to in 2024, as well as a run down of expenses from our Treasurer.

Our new programme was revealed, designed by Felicity, as well as her fabulous bunting representing each month’s events for 2024!

That was followed by a fabulous rundown of each of the four resolutions for this year, by one of our members Charli, with an extremely thought-provoking PowerPoint!

After which members Lizzie and Sylvie, gave us more information about a weekend away later in the year to Herd Farm, which they are planning for Spa Sweethearts, along with fellow member Lindsay.

This nicely marked our thanks to all non voluntary Officers becoming more involved in so many of our subgroups and events.

As President of Spa Sweethearts, I thank all my Voluntary Team and Members for the support and friendship they show me and each other.

So here we go.

Let the fun begin!

Take care.

Reach out if you need us.

Sahra xx

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