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January 2014: New Year, New You

January is often a time of change, with people making new year’s resolutions to improve their lives in some way. In keeping with this, we invited Colour Me Beautiful consultant Jane Bytheway to speak to us about the importance of dressing to suit your body shape and colouring.

Jane began by explaining how dressing well can affect our lives in more ways than we could possibly know, from determining how successful we are at work to improving our self confidence and outlook on life. She explained there are six different types of colour: cool, warm, deep, light, clear and soft. Each will look better against certain types of colour, from soft, pale shades to bright and striking.

We were all encouraged to analyse each other’s colours and work out which of the six categories we fitted into which, after Jane’s explanation, was quite easy to do. Bringing a few volunteers out of the audience, Jane demonstrated just how much difference the right colours can make to a person’s appearance. Bright colours might look overwhelming on someone who has very pale natural colouring, but would bring out a healthy glow on someone with darker. It’s not just about what suits you – the wrong colours really can make you look unwell!

Jane also took us through the different body shape types, which were more numerous than most of us thought. It’s not just apple, pear or hourglass – did you know there’s more than one kind of hourglass?! Thankfully we weren’t asked to assess each other’s body types, but we did learn it’s all about drawing attention away from the bits you don’t like and towards the bits which are slimmer or more in proportion.

This was only a relatively brief introduction to what Jane does, but it gave us all the basic information we need to think about when we’re choosing clothes in the future. Jane offers more in-depth, personalised help to her clients, as well as personal and professional development coaching, and left us all with some very useful information about her services in case we want to find out more – or you can visit her website.

It won’t be too long until we’re putting our new knowledge to the test. Our February session will be swishing – everyone can bring up to three items of clothing or accessories, and swap them for three new-to-you items from other members. Full details will follow by email in due course.

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