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January 2016: Relaxation

After the stresses of Christmas, our January meeting was a fantastic opportunity to spend a couple of hours relaxing.

With the help of Sarah Ward, who is head of physiotherapy at the Police Treatment Centre in Harrogate as well as having extensive experience in sport and the NHS, we made a start. She took us through some of the principles of relaxation and explained that not every technique works for every person.

Sarah introduced us to using music and visualisation, as well as physical approaches such as progressive muscle relaxation. Our room at St George’s had chosen that night to be particularly cold, so we were grateful Sarah had suggested we all bring a blanket or a big jumper as it’s easier to relax properly when we are warm.

With a little break in the middle for a cup of tea and a piece of cake, it was a brilliant way to calm down after the busy festive period and the return to normal life. Sarah gave an interesting, useful and humorous workshop, allowing us all to find techniques that we can use in our everyday lives from now on.

Next month: AGM and sub-group speed dating. The night will begin with a short AGM, including a review of the year and election of the committee. We’ll then have an informal night of tea, cake and sub-group love – find out where and when all our groups meet, what they do, and even have a go at their activities. It will all be accompanied by drinks and cake, so if you’re already a sub-group aficionado, you can just get on with enjoying the chance of a catch-up with your fellow Sweethearts!

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