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January 2022: Tap Dancing

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

For our first meeting of 2022 we were joined by the wonderful Jacky to dance the night away! It was joyful to see so many of you return for our January meeting, and some new faces too! Was it the “New Year, New Me” trend? getting warmed up for Strictly selection 2022? or was it the memory of how entertaining Jacky was last time? Who knows but we had an amazing night…

After a warm up (and checking out some pro footwear that some of our Sweethearts brought along) we were introduced to some easy steps that after a little (ahem!) bit of practice we performed as a whole group to deliver a full routine. The temperature may have been a low outside, but we were certainly all very toasty inside, and the layers began to shed. Thank you so much to our hostesses for the evening, the cake and tea was very much welcomed after our exertions. We are very grateful for a healthy turnout, and also for all getting involved on the night.

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