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January 2023 Meeting- Marvellous Mosaics ❤️

Updated: 2 days ago

A very wet and windy January meeting saw more than fifty Spa Sweethearts meet to learn and practice the art of mosaics. Andrea gave us some of the history, going back to ancient civilsations in Greece, Rome and beyond. Modern mosaics are very versatile and can make use of a range of materials, from items gathered on the beach to broken pottery, tiles and hand cut glass. She also described her own journey into mosaics and warned it can become an obsession. There is a house in Chartres, France that has been covered, inside and out. We then went to make our own mosaic hearts from the beautiful kits of hand cut glass supplied by Andrea. Perhaps mosaics will become an obsession for some of our members?

During the meeting we also found time to vote on this year's resolutions and hold our annual Christmas present raffle

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1 Comment

Sam Pugmire
Sam Pugmire
Jan 16, 2023

I LOVE our gift swapping raffle. It’s almost as fun as Xmas morning itself!! Thank you so much everyone for such a wide range of prizes!

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