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January Meeting-Gong Bath

Updated: 2 days ago

Spa Sweethearts January Blog – Gong Bath

Our first meeting of 2024 began with welcoming Joules Cooper to lead us in a relaxing Gong Bath.

Thank you to our hostesses serving tea, coffee and juices accompanied by beautiful Brownies homemade by Shirley.

After which everyone looked for a spot to lay their mat, it was time to start the

Gong Bath. Joules gave us a little insight into how she became interested in Gong baths, her work in meditation and when she bought her first gong!

Then lights were dimmed and Joules set the mood by speaking in a calm gentle voice, suggesting that everyone try to clear their mind of their days thoughts and drift off, to help create a tranquil environment for relaxation. You could hear a pin drop, as the sound vibrations from the gong washed over the whole room. The session lasted about an hour and at the end the ladies commented on how they enjoyed the lovely relaxing positive experience.

It was just great to see such a large attendance on a cold night.

The evening concluded with the gift swap raffle which proved very popular. Everyone with

tickets left happy with their chosen gifts, making it altogether a successful evening. Our

Members also got a cheeky look at Felicity’s 2024 beautiful bunting! Giving tantalising clues alluding to our new Programme to be revealed at our February meeting.


meeting brings the AGM, with the committees yearly reports and official committee proceedings. Charli

Hatton will also be talking us through the WI resolutions for this year, followed by a members vote. We

very much look forward to seeing you all there, on Thursday 8th February.

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