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July 2016: Summer Picnic

Our July meeting was spent on the Stray, and members brought along a picnic supper to share in the remains of the sunshine. It was a great opportunity for the Sweethearts to discuss the events of the week. Several members had helped out in the North Yorkshire West federation pavilion at the Great Yorkshire Show serving the Wis infamous refreshments.  Some individuals had baked or created crafts for the individual competitions which we received great feedback, and a number of Sweethearts had contributed to creating a masterpiece based on Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’. This was the first attempt by Spa Sweethearts at entering this class, and the report and scores given by the judges certainly helped us understand what is expected at competing at this high level. The public obviously appreciated our efforts and voted the entry into 3rd place, of which we are very proud! 

This same week saw Spa Sweethearts take over the Women of the WI Twitter account, founded by our very own former president, Becky Warburton. A number of ladies had been tweeting over the week about their exploits to connect with other WIs nationwide.

It was fitting that on this evening that we should have a toast to the memory of committee member, Jane, whose funeral had happened earlier in the day. She will be greatly missed. ‘Once a Sweetheart, always a Sweetheart’.

As the sun began to set, we said our farewells after a very relaxing and bonding evening.

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