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July Meeting-Ghostly walk 👻

Updated: 2 days ago

This month we were hosted for an out and about meeting in our beautiful neighbouring town, Knaresborough with Mark from the Knaresborough mummers for a ghost walk! The Knaresborough Mummers were formed at Christmas in 1974, performing their traditional "Blue Stots play" around the pubs of North Yorkshire, raising funds for local charities. They had a resurgence with the introduction of their ghost walks as an inventive way after lockdown to bring entertainment to the streets. The mummers donated their fee for tonight to Martin House Childrens Hospice. We had a fantastic turnout of 40 members (and 1 dog) and gathered in the Market place, firstly hearing about the legend of Mother Shipton as we stood around her statue. Mark talked about how legends evolve, Mother Shipton as one example who has been written about by many people for 100s of years, possibly acting as a vehicle for some writers shall we say slightly imaginative versions of the stories that have then gone on to become folklore. We thought about the difference now verses back in the 1400s about the records and digital footprints that we leave, will which toothpaste we are buying at the moment still be on record in 1000s of years to come? We moved on to talk about other very historical buildings around the town, and stories both old and more recent of spooky goings on - Mark gave a very balanced delivery, regardless of whether you believe in ghosts or not, the tour was captivating and entertaining. Mark's knowledge of Knaresborough's history is impressive, Even some of our members that have lived in the area or some time heard for the first time about some history behind beautiful St John the Baptist church, (we couldn’t have a ghost walk without visiting a graveyard, but who ever heard of demonic bumblebees?!) and Knaresborough house, which we learned had been a vicarage before its current role as a council building. We finished our walk at the majestic view over the river Nidd at Knaresborough castle as the sun started to very slowly go down, and thanked Mark very much for such a pleasant way to spend a summers eve, before a refreshing stop at Berry’s Tavern, Knaresborough’s newest social spot which we put to very good use.

You can learn more about Knaresborough Mummers here

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