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June 2017: Tai Chi

June is traditionally our outdoor meeting but this year the weather was against us and we withdrew to St Georges instead. Undaunted, we continued with our Tai Chi session led by Kate from Pendulum Therapies. We discovered that Tai Chi is the mental discipline associated with martial arts. We started by taking three cleansing breaths, which Kate said was the most important part of the session. We then spent an hour practising a range of Tai Chi moves including re learning how to walk by carefully distributing our weight as well as smashing away our worries on the floor! The session returned to calm breathing and relaxing at the end before finding time for tea and a biscuit (See recipe of the month). It was very enjoyable to sample a new form of exercise and if you wish to find out more please find Kate’s contact details below. With 5 of our committee members ill that night we would like to thank all the sweethearts who helped clear up at the end of the evening.

Visit Pendulum Therapies to find out more about the Tai Chi classes (and other therapies) that Kate offers.

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