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June Meeting- Medusa Gothic Morris Dance Group

Spa Sweethearts June Blog – Medusa Gothic Morris Dance Group

Such a pleasure to welcome the Medusa Gothic Morris dancing group, alongside their accompanying music band to our June meeting. The Medusa ladies were beautifully dressed in floatyblack dresses with lovely purple accessories, carrying hankies and sticks. They certainly caught everyone’s attention with a brilliant dance demonstration, showing us a selection of dances, such as the Whitby Hay and the Three Sisters to name but a few! Then came our turn..!

The real entertainment started when Spa ladies took to the dance floor in groups of 4, shown a dance and put through their paces.Everyone danced their socks off and had such a blast shaking their hankies! A real great turnout ladies, all enjoying another fun packed evening.

Everyone was welcomed with refreshments at the start, as well as halfway through the evening. The usual tea, coffee or cold drinks were on offer, with a choice of chocolate biscuits and tasty homemade lemon drizzle cake, baked by Shirley.

For our July meeting, the plan is a short walk around the Christchurch area. We will be joined  by Felicity’s  husband Paul who will talk us through it, sharing his professional localhistorical knowledge with us. There is also a backup plan in case of rain. All members welcome to come along and enjoy an interesting night.

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