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March 2016: Milly Johnson

At our March meeting, we were treated to a visit by award winning author, and local lass, Milly Johnson.

Milly provided a fantastic talk covering her journey to becoming a bestselling author. She informed the group that she grew up reading Mills & Boon and loved writing from a young age, although her friend Gillian seemed to excel at this amongst other things (we all have a Gillian in our lives!).

She told the group about studying drama at university, and her various careers along the way, including writing the blurb for Purple Ronnie cards in the 90s, before having her first book published.

She explained that the title for her stories does not always fit the tale told. The title paints an idyllic image, but her storylines do not. They include gritty plots, true Yorkshire characters, and there is often reference to her own life, but she did admit to always providing the reader with a happy ending.

Milly is such a down to earth, lovely lady and had the group in laughter at several points during her talk. The evening was enjoyed by all, with many ladies taking home a souvenir of a signed copy of one of Milly’s works.

Next month, we will be visited by another Northern lass, Sandy Docherty from the 2015 series of Great British Bake Off. Guests are welcome at a charge of £5.00. Please sign up in advance to secure your place.

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