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March Meeting-JOT Collage Artist

Updated: 2 days ago

Spa Sweethearts March Blog – James Owen Thomas, Collage Artist

At our March meeting we welcomed James Owen Thomas, who is a collage environmental

artist. He lives in the dales from where he gets his inspiration. It is also the location of his

workshop, in which he also offers workshops. He likes to stress the importance of his work

is about sustainability in art. The materials he uses are anything that can be recycled, such

as shredded and tea dyed paper, used scratch cards, string, fabrics and net, to name but a

few. He creates large pictures of nature scenes, stressing he doesn’t use any paints, just

recyclable products. Such a brilliant attendance ladies and each one was given a small

print of one of his pictures to try their hand to replicate his style. He supplied a large

selection of materials to choose from, to create their masterpiece! Two hours full of fun,

creativity, chatting and socialising, went by fast. Before the meeting commenced, everyone

enjoyed tea, coffee, biscuits and homemade brownies made by Shirley.

Our April meeting is an interactive craft session on how to make some amazing paper spring flowers demonstrated by Ringo the Crafty Flamingo!

Look forward to seeing you all there!

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