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May 2018: Salvaged Gardens

Everyone who attended our May meeting had an enjoyable and creative experience and left with a lovely new addition to their home. Adding tea, cake and friendship, we had a perfect WI evening! We were shown how to design and make our own terrariums by Salvaged Gardens, a family run business from Leeds. We found out how air plants live in the rainforest or deserts, using their roots to anchor them and extracting water from the air around them. We were then shown how to make own our miniature gardens from the myriad of accessories on offer. We had each brought a glass container and set about filling them with stones, sand, moss and even sheep’s wool to create the perfect home for our little air plants to thrive in. We learnt how to keep them happy by misting them with water and many people bought extra plants to continue making at home. A new hobby has begun…..

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