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May 2019: Softpots

Since we announced the year’s programme people have been asking “What are Softpots?”and at May’s meeting we found out! We were joined by ‘Annie Softpot’ who told us all about her invention: the Softpot. Basically she reuses a leg from a pair of tights (which would otherwise be rotting very slowly in landfill) and turns it into a beautiful creation. There were large pots, small pots, pots for veg, pots for houseplants and even a dragon holding a Softpot egg! Annie was a very entertaining speaker and showed us exactly how to make a beautiful pot for an ivy which was then won on the raffle by a lucky Sweetheart. Lots of our members bought kits so they could try out this wonderful new idea at home and the craft groups next meeting will have a Softpot theme. If any of our members missed the meeting but would like to find out Annie has an informative website which should tell you all you need to know.

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