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May 2021: Tiara Bingo

For our May meeting we had a really fun evening of bingo and catching up. The first thing to say is that we were amazed and so impressed to see the efforts everyone had gone to with their headwear! We had Easter bonnets, Koalas, lobsters, colanders, vintage military helmets, tiaras, handmade headbands and much more. It was hilarious to hear some of the stories behind them as well and a big congratulations for the two prize winners!

We then got on to our bingo game which was very lively with a great choice of songs being played throughout. There was lots of dancing, lots of laughing and some false calls which resulted in a very competitive bunch of ladies. A huge thank you to our wonderful caller president and our glamorous DJ secretary for making the evening so awesome!

We then split into breakout rooms for the rest of the evening to enjoy some smaller group catching up. All in all a perfect evening!

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