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Meet our 2022 President - Sahra

I’m Sahra and originally from Essex! I’ve slowly been integrated into Yorkshire life

since 2005, when I moved to Harrogate with my family. This has mainly involved

increasing my jumper collection and having a coat for every possible kind of weather!

Not a issue for me as I love trawling around charity shops and vintage sites. I adore

dresses, and much to my husband’s dismay, I’m am always building my collection.

We moved here because my husband was a Captain in the army. As a family we decided

to put roots down in Harrogate, because it’s such a beautiful area.

I’m a proud mother of two amazing boys (Men 22 and 24!), four cats and a very patient


Since turning 50 I’m trying to embrace new things, which my WI friends are always

willing to support. I’m on my third tattoo so far!

As well as teaching in a primary school, I am a Deputy Safeguarding lead, which although

quite tough at times, is extremely rewarding.

I’m an avid crafter, I love interior projects and I especially enjoy upholstery. Most

skills I’ve Learned from various Evening classes all over the UK, while moving with the

forces, as a means to meet people. That’s why I joined Sweethearts, because I wanted

to be part of something and I’d always dreamt of joining the WI!

When I joined Spa Sweethearts a few years ago, I was very self-conscious and felt like

I didn’t fit. I nearly stopped coming! But then it was the AM and a couple of the

committee members said why not join the committee, and I’ve never looked back! They

are my friends now. Couple of years later I became secretary, which boosted my

confidence again and now I’m president and I still don’t know quite how that happened!

Which for someone who hates talking in front of a crowd is going to be a new challenge

for me!

It’s all been such fun so far. Camping, near death waterfall climbing, going to

Buckingham Palace, eating insects, theatre trips, 80s music, subgroups, meals out and

many cocktails and cheese consumption.

I’m proud to have been involved in using Zoom to deliver our WI meetings during the

pandemic, which has opened our WI up to many WI members all over the world. I have

made many friends, who I haven’t even met yet, who are equally as mad about craft as I

am, on all the many craft zooms I attend.

I’ve suffered from mental health since being a child, but with lots of support, like The

Sweethearts WI, I’m in a better place and am an advocate for mental health and

wellbeing. Another reason to join the WI can be loneliness, so as president I really

want to make our WI a fun, creative, friendly and supportive environment to spend time


I’m now really looking forward to my new adventure of being your president and all the

fun we are going to have together.

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