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Meet the Committee - Lucy

Lucy is the committee member responsible for maintaining the website and the blogs. She recently created the new website keeping the Sweetheart Style but giving it a clean and modern look in a mobile friendly format.

Lucy moved to Harrogate in 2016 and stumbled upon Spa Sweethearts when looking for new friendships in the local area. She can still remember her excitement when she reached the top of the waiting list and could join as a member! Once she had joined Lucy very quickly found herself on the committee. She describes herself as ‘quite quiet’ and was initially nervous of the size of Spa Sweethearts. Joining the committee has helped her to find a friendship group and gave her the confidence to try out their sub groups, social activities and even leading on some of our meetings! She is a regular attendee at book club, has enjoyed learning poker, making cocktails, dancing on tables at bingo, attending theatre shows… the list goes on.

She has recently moved to Knaresborough with her RAF husband, gorgeous and incredibly sassy 2-year-old daughter and adorable cockerpoo. When she has time, she enjoys baking, cake decorating, crafting and dog walks. Previously a maths teacher, Lucy still works in education and now creates training programmes for the Police.

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