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October 2017: Autumn Extravaganza

We celebrated all things Autumnal in our October meeting. The evening was spent crafting, socialising, eating and drinking which was a lovely way to celebrate the season.

Three crafts were available during the evening with some sweethearts focussing on perfecting one, while others whirled through all three. An autumn garland was the first craft with silky, colourful leaves being sewn onto string. The red and orange leaves were used up first and some beautiful decorations will be gracing Harrogate’s homes this autumn.

In the crafting world Christmas starts in September so we also learned how to make a paper star in either Autumn or Christmas colours. By simply folding a triangle in a concertina and folding it in half a leaf shape was created. When 5 or 6 are stuck together they create a star shape. Browns. reds and golds made an Autumn decoration whereas reds and greens gave it a Christmassy look.

The last craft was a folded origami fabric star. Two of the committee had spent hours ironing tubes of fabric to be folded together to create this amazing no-sew decoration. The instructions were a little tricky but with perseverance and little help some truly amazing stars were made. Many sweethearts took home extra material to continue making at home.

The instructions for these crafts can be found in the Craft of The Month section of our website.

We finished off the evening with an Autumnal feast which everyone had contributed to. We all had a most enjoyable evening and a big thank you to the Spa Sweethearts committee who worked so hard to make the evening a success.

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