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October 2019: Survival Skills

For our October meeting we were joined by Jonathon from Yorkshire Dales Bushcaft, we had a fun filled evening full of locusts and crickets! Jonathon started by telling us about his history and how he came about setting up Yorkshire Dales Bushcraft. He told us about the work they do from working with schools to adult campouts/adventure weekends (that some of our lovely Spa Ladies took part in earlier in the year). He then went on to talk about survival and the three key tips for survival; shelter, water and food! We went into more detail than expected on the food front, 3 very lucky sweethearts were chosen to try out some delicacies. As you can see by the pictures, they weren’t quite what was expected! Following on from that we got to have a go at trying to light a fire, we all got to try the locusts and we finished off by testing our knowledge around map reading skills.

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