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October 2020: Burlesque

For our October meeting we were joined by the fabulous Roxy Stardust, travelling GlasVegas Showgirl. Roxy is a pioneer of the Burlesque scene in Edinburgh and came to us via the brilliant Dr Sketchys in Leeds, after our speaker let us down on the day. Big thanks to our fabulous treasurer, Sam who found Roxy at the last minute. Roxy told us her story and answered our questions about her chosen career and how she saw the entertainment industry developing in the current situation. Roxy then taught us a Burlesque routine which we performed to Michael Buble’s version of “I’m feeling good”. We also had several interesting visitors who had their own Burlesque stories to tell. We had a fabulous night: challenging,fun and educational it was everything a WI meeting should be.

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