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October 2022: Pirate Game and Birthday Bash

Why are pirates called pirates?... because they AAARRRRRRRR!

For our October meeting to celebrate our 11th birthday we donned our very best pirate gear and ARRRRRR’d the night away. We made friends, we made enemies, we gained booty, we lost booty, we laughed and we cried (well I don’t think tears were actually shed but it was close!). If you’ve never played this game before and are wondering what it is, it can be described in three words; brutal, cunning, hilarious! Everyone was a great sport, even when they were robbed and killed. We learnt a lot about our members with plenty of unexpected twists and turns throughout the night.

This is the first time we have played this game face-to-face after running it on zoom during lockdown and it was such a success that we have had requests to make the pirate game a yearly occurrence!

As it was our birthday, we also had lots of delicious cake, thank you to the lovely members who brought some along there was a feast!

It was a really great night, thanks to all those who attended. And to finish with a statistic – 3.14% of sailors are Pi-rates!

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