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September 2018: Cider Tasting

In a late change to the programme Spa Sweethearts enjoyed an evening of Cider Tasting in September.  Sue had put together an interesting mix of ciders and non- alcoholic apple juices, ranging from Supermarket own brand to premium and locally sourced. We blind tasted our options and had to guess which was which. Much debate ensued all helped along by a gorgeous selection of breads and cheeses supplied by  local independents, Fodder and Manna bakery. The Marmite bread was especially amazing. We then voted for our favourites and here are the results:

Apple juices

  1. Locally sourced JG Bellerby (£2.29) 19 votes (stockists Kiliinghall)

  2. Aldi (£0.79) 12 votes

  3. Locally produced ( £3.75 ) Carr House Farm 9 votes (stockists Fodder)


  1. Waitrose (£1.79) 16 votes

  2. Ampleforth Abbey (£3.29) 12 votes (stockists Ake & Humphries)

  3. Weston’s Premier organic (£2.00) 8 votes (stockists Waitrose)

Special thanks to Sue for organising the evening.

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