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April 2015: Gift wrapping

The mysteries of impressive gift wrapping were explained to us by Jo Thompson of More Pretty Things at our April meeting.

She began by showing us how to wrap the classic difficult gift – a bottle. Her technique would work for bottles of all different shapes and sizes – a few carefully placed folds and you have a gift to impress the fussiest of recipients!

She also demonstrated a simple, low-cost way of putting together a flower display that would work for all sorts of occasions. With a jam jar, some tissue paper and a small bunch of blooms, Jo quickly created a sweet gift which would be fantastic for anyone from the host of a party to someone feeling under the weather – and best of all, the jar means then don’t have to worry about finding a vase.

Jo’s third demonstration was a small gift bag, which again she made look extremely easy and achieved a great result. Then it was over to us: with some beautiful paper, a bit of card, a small box and a piece of ribbon, we set about making our own gift bags.

Naturally, we weren’t quite as skilled as Jo, but it was easy to see how, with a bit more practice, we could be turning out beautiful gift bags for every occasion of the year.

Next month: join us to learn the art of Sri Lankan cookery with DeeSpice. St George’s Social Club in Harrogate, Thursday 14th May, 7.30pm. Guests welcome at £5 per person.

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