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April meeting-Gill Thomas

Updated: 2 days ago

This month it was amazing to see so many ladies attend our April meeting, and seeing existing and new members subscribe to Spa Sweethearts for another year. I’m sure we will have lots of new adventures to add to our scrapbook and bunting.

We welcomed Gill Thomas from last years Great British Sewing Bee. As we expected Gill had lots of entertaining stories from the competition, being on TV and of course meeting Patrick and Esme in real life! Surprisingly we found out that Gill had only been sewing for a few months before entering the competition. She also talked very honestly and openly about the reasons she started designing and making her own clothes and the personal battles she faced before going on the show and the drive and support that helped her to go for it. Gill told us the one thing that really drove her was to inspire just one person with a limb difference, and that as a child she wished she had seen other role models just like her, and that alone would have been enough. But in fact, after the show, the amazing support she received showed that many people were moved and inspired by Gill’s journey. Gill said the show completely changed her life and gave her the confidence to take on new challenges, like the London Marathon, in a couple of weeks time! I wonder if she will make her own shorts and top?!

Gill left us with a question we should ask ourselves whenever we say no to a new challenge and that is to be honest and ask yourself, “What is it your really scared of?”. And remember to take one step (or sewing instruction) at a time!

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