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February 2015: Annual Meeting and Craft Swishing

Each February we hold our annual meeting – a review of everything we have done during the last 12 months, and a look ahead to the coming year. It was a good reminder of all the fun we have had together, and the interesting things that have happened to us.

Our membership numbers are on the rise, thanks in part to our 100 Years, 100 Members campaign which has helped to raise our profile. We are also lucky to have such enthusiastic members who are so keen to bring their friends along to Spa Sweethearts and sing the praises of WI membership!

Our secretary, Lucy Cooper, delivering the committee's report on the past year.

Our secretary, Lucy Cooper, delivering the committee’s report on the past year.

This year, we are looking forward to our first development weekend in April, and our centenary fair in September. We hope a number of our members will get involved with other Federation and National events too, including 100 Shades of Green at Kiplin Hall in May, and the official WI Centenary Fair in September – which is helpfully right on our doorstep at Harrogate International Centre. Anyone interested in joining a group going along to either of these should contact a committee member.

The official part of the meeting concluded with a talk from WI Adviser Pat Dunnill, who told us about the events put on by Federation and the importance of being involved in wider WI activities, not just our own meetings. The monthly newsletter is the easiest way to find out about these – copies are available to read at every meeting and we are working on getting more of them so we all have chance to read them.

This photo does not do justice to the volume of crafty goodness brought by our members!

This photo does not do justice to the volume of crafty goodness brought by our members!

After the annual meeting section of the evening, we moved on to craft swishing. Members had brought an incredible array of goodies, covering everything from fabric and yarn to scissors, stickers, card and more. Many people went home very pleased with their hoards! Everything that was left will be put into the Spa Sweethearts box of trick for use at future meetings and on upcoming exciting projects.

Thanks to Pat for her helpful advice and interesting talk, and to all the ladies who baked or brought cakes and biscuits for us this month, and who took part in the craft swishing with such enthusiasm!

Our next meeting, on Thursday 12th March, will be Tea with Bettys & Taylors. Details will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds in advance, and sent out by email to members and guests. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list and receive details of upcoming meetings, get in touch.

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