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January 2012: Bunting

Our very own Rachael Boon led our first meeting of 2012.

As an expert needle-wielder, she taught us how to make bunting from scraps of fabric. We used her templates to cut out triangles, then sewed them together to make each flag double-sided.

Rachael provided an iron to make the seams neater and even some starch spray to help the fabric hang better.

As well as learning a new skill, January’s meeting was a good chance to have a good catch-up with each other; not only is sewing quite calming, it doesn’t require too much concentration so there was plenty of chatter around the room.

Rachael also showed us how to attach the flags to a piece of bias binding once complete, to make a long string of bunting – although perhaps the talking was interfering with our working because not many people got that far on the night!

However, a competition for the best bunting has been organised, with the best bunting to be judged at our meeting in May. The results of our hard work will also be used as decorations at our Diamond Jubilee party in June.

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