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July 2012: Lush

For our second field trip, the Spa Sweethearts visited Lush in the centre of Harrogate for an evening of pampering and fun.

Because there are now so many in our group, the session was split into two so we didn’t spill out of the shop door. That also meant we could enjoy a drink or two before or after our visit, and we could get to know some new members.

Our hosts let us explore the shop, looking through all the goodies they offer and picking up a few bargains along the way. Unlike other customers, however, we were given the chance to make our own bath bombs (with glitter!!!) and were even treated to a few nibbles and drinks as we browsed.

There was also the option of a free arm, shoulder or head massage and everyone was keen to have at least one of those treats – although the head massage did result in a few people having slightly less neat hair than when they arrived!

And to top it all off, there was a great offer for anyone buying products on the night, which meant a lot of us left with a bag full of pampering treats to try at home.

Thanks so much to our hosts for a really fun evening which left us all feeling relaxed and smelling great!

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