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July 2015: Treasure hunt

Almost 60 members of Spa Sweethearts WI raced around the streets of Harrogate in July for our annual outdoor meeting.

For once, it didn’t rain – or even threaten to rain – so we were able to make the most of the chance to enjoy our beautiful home town.

Armed with clues, pens, and friends, our members set off from Montpellier Hill on a tour of some of the most famous parts of Harrogate, searching for hidden answers and secrets we all normally overlook. Taking part in teams of three or four, it was a chance for everyone to catch up with friends or get to know other WI members as they went.

The clues and route were expertly planned by committee member Jillaine, and most people managed to get almost every answer after a bit of hunting. (Except one. Who would have thought that, in the week between writing the treasure hunt and handing it out, someone would re-paint the one front door that had been chosen as a clue?!)

So, with some high scores competing for the glory of being named winners (not to mention a prize!), it came down to the finishing time. There were just seconds in it, but the winning team was chosen and announced to the group.

We finished the night at La Tasca in Harrogate, where we enjoyed tapas and drinks for the rest of the evening. A very sophisticated end to a WI meeting!

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