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June 2015: Sharing skills

Our June meeting was a chance to discover what 24 of our members got up to at the first ever Development Weekend in April. They visited Herd Farm near Leeds to learn new skills and get to know more people, and wanted to share those experiences with people who weren’t able to join us for the weekend.

There were four different workshops on offer: making canapes, sugarcraft roses, bunting and items for the sensory garden. While the sugarcraft and canapes were great opportunities for future parties we might throw, the other two activities also had a wider purpose.

As well as learning how to make bunting and items for a sensory garden, those who took part are also helping to create special centenary bunting for Spa Sweethearts WI, and to fill the sensory garden at Herd Farm which is used year-round by visitors from all backgrounds and walks of life. The team at Herd Farm looked after us incredibly well all weekend so we’ve been very keen to give something back to them for their support and efforts. Thanks to everyone who took part in this simple yet important activity.

The bunting, meanwhile, will represent every meeting we have held since we started in 2011 – so each ‘flag’ will be decorated with a symbol of the activity we enjoyed each month. Strung together, it will be a beautiful representation of what Spa Sweethearts has offered so far, and we hope to add to it over many years to come.

Of course, no Spa Sweethearts meeting would be complete without cake, and we had a fantastic array. Thanks to everyone who baked or brought something for everyone to enjoy. The star bake of the night was an amazing Bakewell tart created by Bex Hartley, which was the deserving winner of the pudding club competition at the Development Weekend.

Finally, the June meeting was also a milestone: we reached our 100th member and were able to present a WI Centenary Cookbook to her as a prize.

Meetings are getting busier and busier these days, thanks to growing membership, so we are now capping it at 110 to ensure everyone can still enjoy what’s on offer and the room doesn’t get too crowded! If you haven’t joined yet and would like to do so, act fast to avoid missing out. We are also going to limit the number of guest spaces available, again to ensure everyone can enjoy the nigh and it doesn’t get too busy. Like our Facebook page, or send us an email, for more details.

Next month: A members-only treasure hunt in central Harrogate on 9th July. Details to follow by email.

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