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June 2022: Emergency Response

For our June meeting we were joined by Alex and Tim who told us all about how North Yorkshire responds to emergencies. From floods to bomb threats to fires it was amazing how much needs to be organised. Alex explained how important emotional support is for the long term wellbeing of communities who have been taken into a “new normal” by events beyond their control. Tim represented Ready for Anything, a volunteer group who offer practical support while the event is unfolding and in the aftermath. Both speakers were very passionate about their subjects and were excellent to listen to. It was very inspirational to hear about the kindness of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances and how that spirit can be harnessed to offer real help when it is needed. And there were lots of mentions of the healing properties of a cup of tea which we in WI are well aware of!

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Sam Pugmire
Sam Pugmire
Jun 12, 2022

Great pics!!

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