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May 2013: Beetle Drive

Our meeting in May was supposed to be a talk by a herbalist. Unfortunately, the speaker was taken ill – even she admitted it wasn’t the best advert for her skills!

Instead, we used the evening to have some fun and get to know each other a bit better, and eat a lot of cake.

We had a beetle drive, which is something a lot of people had taken part in when they were younger and they enjoyed a trip down memory lane. For others, it was all new, but they quickly caught on once we got going.

Wither everyone sitting in groups of about five, the competition was fierce as we tried to be the first in the room to roll the dice and get the right combination of numbers to draw a complete beetle. Even those who weren’t doing as well found their own competition by coming up with some very creative and individual beetle drawings!

After each round, the people with the highest and lowest scores moved around the room to new tables and it all began again.

After four rounds, we stopped for refreshments and everyone enjoyed the cakes baked by the committee. With our energy levels rising, it was back to the tables for the final rounds – and a chance to win prizes.

We had a lovely collection of cookery books for the person who had the highest score overall, Caroline. There was a potted plant for second place and a hand care gift set for third. The person with the lowest score did not miss out, however – she was given a goodie bag of sweets to cheer her up.

Perhaps the happiest winner of the night was committee member Becky, who muttered that she was going to scream if she won the Great British Sewing Bee book in the raffle. Well, you can’t call her a liar!

This was a very different evening from the one we had planned, but it was great fun. It was lovely to see people chatting as they played and moving seats helped people to get talking to people they may not have introduced themselves to before.

Our June meeting will be our summer party and, weather permitting, will involve games on the Stray. If you’d like to come along or want to know more about us, just get in touch.

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