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May Meeting- BSL Fiona Hudson

Updated: 2 days ago

Spa Sweethearts WI May 2023 meeting British sign Language

For our May meeting we were joined by Fiona Hudson, a British Sign Language interpreter for a fun and informative evening. Fi explained about BSL as a recognised distinct language and its role in the deaf community alongside lip reading and cochlear implants. We watched a really interesting video about how all 3 of these work together and both the barriers and pride felt in the deaf community around the issues they face. It really informed us and made us think. We had ago at lip reading which was pretty tricky and then learned some finger spelling signs. We culminated in all learning to sign Spa Sweethearts together. Fi was a fascinating speaker and her passion for the subject was apparent. We came away with plenty to think about. It was a well attendedmeeting and we also enjoyed several types of cake provided by our hostesses Felicity, Lesley and Shirley and a successful plant swap, led by Sylvie of our gardening sub group. We look forward to seeing you next month for some slow sewing.

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1 Comment

May 12, 2023

A team of pros!! You all look great!

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