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November 2021: Behind the Scenes of TV Quiz Shows

For our November meeting we had our first ever ‘hybrid’ evening. Our speaker joined us remotely and was projected onto the wall of the hall for us to enjoy. We had lots of Sweethearts joining us in the hall and more tuned in online, it worked really well and allowed us to hear from a speaker who would usually be out of our reach.We were joined by Faith Powell who shared her insight into TV quiz shows. Faith got into TV quiz shows 33 years ago when her daughter was born. She was told to ‘rest when your daughter rests’ so she did, by watching quiz shows and this led to participating in them.

The first show that Faith took part in was ‘Going for Gold’. She told us all about the gruelling interview process and shared the secrets around the 5 outfits required for the 1 day of filming. She then went on to tell us about some of the 15 quiz shows she has been on, of which she has won 6! We heard about the mountains of make-up, the ‘holidays to Prague’ and the very very helpful quiz hosts (we won’t name any names).

Some of her fondest memories came from taking part in ‘Ready Steady Cook’ and all the shenanigans that took place there (including setting the tea towel on fire!). She hasn’t made tempura batter since!

Faith was a fabulous speaker, she was very engaging, got us all involved and got lots and lots of laughs. We then finished our evening with tea, cake and a fantastic quiz organised for us by our wonderful President and Secretary celebrating women in film, sport and history.

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