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October 2011: Cake decorating

Thursday’s demo was provided by Laura Tiplady and Sharon Watson from Fanticy Cakes and Decoration in Skipton.

We were shown how to decorate a Christmas cake in non-traditional fashion (unless you count blue icing and penguins as traditional).

From the first step, when we were shown how to cover a cake in a simple layer of icing without getting any wrinkles or tears, we were suitably impressed. A few ice floes and snowflakes were then added to make a wintry scene.

Laura and Sharon demonstrated how to make a penguin of any size using just three pieces of coloured icing – one large black piece for the body, a white tummy and yellow feet and beak. And then it was over to us to each make our own penguin. We quickly learned not to handle the black icing too much before we touched the white, unless we wanted to end up with a big grey blob. Everyone’s penguins looked slightly different and each had plenty of character in the shape of its body and its eyes and beak.

Having given us all some inspiration, Fanticy Cakes had also provided plenty of cake-decorating equipment for us to look through and buy.

On top of the existing members, 34 new ladies signed up to become members of Spa Sweethearts WI.

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