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October 2013: Thriller night

Thriller Group

October is always our birthday party and a time for celebration – as well as a chance for a bit of Halloween fun. So what better way to celebrate than by recreating the video from Michael Jackson’s Thriller?

We’re lucky to have professional dance and drama teacher Catherine Fearn on our committee. Say the word “choreographed dance routine” and she immediately steps up with more enthusiasm than you can shake a stick at.

Catherine leads the group dance.

Catherine leads the group dance.

She had outdone herself at October’s meeting, coming up with a simple but striking routine taking the key elements of the original Thriller dance and making them easy to learn and master in just a couple of hours. By the end of the night, we were doing fantastic zombie impressions while we danced and the overall effect for those watching was really impressive.

Those who didn’t want to watch helped out with some crafting ready for our stalls at Christmas fairs in November.  There were lavender bags, gingerbread men and very cute owls being put together all evening, as well as many kits taken home to work on.

The fantastic birthday cake made by Sue.

The fantastic birthday cake made by Sue.

All that remained was to celebrate our birthday properly by cutting the fantastic cake, made by committee member Sue.

The committee would like to thank everyone who has helped with crafting to support our fundraising. A big thank you to Catherine as well, for her inspired dance routine and enthusiasm.

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