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September 2013: Cheese

One thing you can say about the ladies of Spa Sweethearts is that they like their food and drink.

Our cocktails session last month was one of our most popular evenings yet, and when we were told we could bring some wine along to enjoy with our cheese this evening – well, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Rather than just shoveling food and drink into our mouths, Merritt’s of York had added an element of challenge to proceedings. We were invited to try six cheeses and match them to the descriptions we were given.

As well as the cheeses, there were breads and biscuits to try, as well as some grapes on the side of the plates. More than one visit to the top table was needed to ensure we were sure of the flavours we were tasting, and to find a favourite.

It was interesting to see that, when Julian from Merritt’s asked us which cheese was our favourite, there was a fairly even spread of hands going up for each cheese. There were only a few crumbs of cheese left of each plate by the end!

We had a great evening and enjoyed trying all the different cheeses, competing to see who was best at recognising the different flavours and textures.

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